This is just some pixel art I made using beads that, when you iron them, melt together. I have link, some rupees, a master sword, a creeper, boo and a wine bottle my friend made. the are blu-tacked to the walls of our basement. They're all from video games except the wine bottle.
hi HMice and Bargins Tech i have been to HMices house you should see the stuff he can make this is nothing compared to the other stuff he can do =) <br>p.s im not a staker it just because me and HMice are best friends in real life=)
i too like the perler beads :] totally fun. keep in mind you can use cross-stitching patterns as well! Godd job so far and good luck :D
Oh yeah, thanks for the cool tip. I just used pixel patterns...they were easiest to find!

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