I made this piece of wall art for the company I used to work for, Coupa Software. It is a pixelated abstract representation of the company's blue flower logo icon measuring 4x4 ft and features addressable LED lights behind each "pixel".

Step 1: Design

The first step was figuring out the design of the pixels. In Photoshop, I imported a picture of the logo and began placing identically-sized squares on top of it in a new layer so that they matched the color underneath. I used a darker blue and a medium teal as well as some random white squares, and had some loose pieces floating off the sides which I decided would represent bits of pollen and help make the whole composition a little less rigid.

Using a grid, I figured out where the 1x2" framing boards would go and what sizes I'd need to cut to create a backing for my two 2x4' flat boards. (The only reason the whole thing is cut in half and not one solid 4x4' piece is due to limitations with transporting it in my vehicle!) I also marked where I'd have to drill some wide, shallow holes for screws to go in so that they wouldn't poke out past my 1x2s in the back, assuming that each pixel would be held on with 2 screws, one in the upper left and one in the bottom right of the square. In the center, where there the 1x2s aren't beneath the big flat boards, I didn't need these holes because there's already a gap between the board and the wall.

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