Pixelated is a collaborative project between filmmaker Salman Sajun and myself.

When we met earlier this year he had presented the idea of a future collaboration. Given that I specialize in making mascot styled masks and he specializes in stop motion animation, the idea became clear that we would make a stop motion animation of a mask being assembled.

This instructable will be a brief overview of how the mask was assembled and how the stop motion animation of it was shot.

Watch the video here:

PIXELATED from Salman Sajun on Vimeo.

As well as a short making of:

PIXELATED - MAKING OF from Salman Sajun on Vimeo.

Step 1: Designing and Assembling the Mask

Salman's mask was first sketched up on graph paper and a measurement was determined as to how to translate it to the foam being used. The foam I used for this was just over an inch thick, so the calculations were not as exact, but I adjusted them as I went along.

If you were to adopt this step, it would be entirely up to you as to how you would want to translate yourself into a pixelated mask. We used some images from the web as inspiration, such as characters from Minecraft.

I chose to use some black felt I had for the hair and polar fleece for the skin tone. This allowed for a difference in texture.

The goal of this stage was to cover the form in fabric using pins. It would only be temporary, and no details would be added. This will make sense in the next couple of steps.

<p>Thank you for your nice instructable.</p><p>Rima</p>
<p>You are very welcome!</p>
I learned about making STOP MOTION, when my daughter had to draw the world by heart.<br>No one would have believed her. Its curriculum at Montessori School I sent her to.<br>If ypu want to see a picture, let me know.<br><br>Rima
<p>Love the 3D pixelated look - very cool mask, very cool video</p>
<p>Merci beaucoup! Much appreciated. </p>
This is pixelicious; awesome job!
<p>Thanks a bunch!</p>
<p>Even though this is a great instructable, I wouldn't have the patience to do this. Excellent!</p>
<p>It is trying. </p><p>We took several long breaks between stages. It definitely tested our patience. </p>
<p>Can't wait to make my own.</p>
<p>Please send photos if you ever do!</p>
<p>Nice mask! I like the minecraft-pixelated styled design... </p><p>-KTC</p>
<p>Minecraft was definitely going through our heads as we were making this. : )</p>
<p>Great time-lapse videos! A lot of effort and planning...</p>
<p>Glad you enjoyed it and that the effort paid off!</p>
<p>This is excellent! Very well documented, and such a clever use of right angles for foam modeling. And the videos! Great project. </p>
<p>Thank you so much. Just getting to the replies now. Collaborating with Salman stepped up the documentation game in my work. I owe him for that!</p>
<p>Love it!</p>

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