Picture of Pixelated popup card
I‘d been scratching my head trying to come up with a card for my hubby {AKA the non-romantic type}. I finally decided to make him this pixely popup heart card!

I've seen similar styled pop-ups before and thought a heart would work really well. 

The card is also really minimal (which I love) and take about 20 minutes to make (that includes the card, insert and envelope).
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Step 1: Print and cut insert template

Picture of Print and cut insert template
Download the popup insert template and print out on to a sheet of paper or thin card. I used pink paper but you can use any color you want. Using some scissors trim around the edge of the template.

Step 2: Cut and score your card

Picture of Cut and score your card
Place your piece of paper on a cutting mat (or a scrap piece of cardboard). Using a craft knife and ruler cut along the black lines (highlighted in yellow) and score along the grey lines.

You can score the card with your craft knife (just don't press too hard). Alternately you can use a compass point or even a pin!

Step 3: Start folding

Picture of Start folding
Make the four valley folds as show in the image below (marked with thin yellow lines).

Step 4: Slowly fold card in half

Picture of Slowly fold card in half
Make sure your card is still resting on a flat surface and s-l-o-w-l-y fold the top of the card inwards and the bottom half of the heart should begin to push out. (You don’t need to tape it to the table…I just did because I was taking pictures at the same time!)

Step 5:

Picture of

Step 6: Make outer card

Picture of Make outer card
Make outer card and glue/tape popup insert inside. I just used a plain piece of paper which measured 9.5cm x 19cm and then folded it in half.

I left mine blank (I really dig the minimal look) however if you want to decorate the outside then you can!

Step 7: Make envelope

Picture of Make envelope
Print out the envelope template. Cut, score and fold! I also made some paper pixel confetti to add to the card!

Step 8: Assemble!

Picture of Assemble!
Pop the card in the envelope and stick down. You can use glue or tape (or even some pretty washi tape).

Happy valentines day everyone!!
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me122347 months ago

i love the idea but i am kinda confuse in what to do tho

wikiti made it!9 months ago

Sweet :)

2014-04-11 15.37.37.jpg
WRN10 months ago
Oh, what a happy valentine's day.. Good idea, right.. You're an innovative person.
rogerwilco made it!10 months ago

Great idea and nice instructable. I was inspired to make some for my daughter's preschool class, but making 20 in one evening was a bit overambitious! I stayed up nearly all night, but had fun. Some of the kids were appreciative, too.


Annemon11 months ago

This card is so cool! I love it! Thank you!!!

GrfxGawd11 months ago

These are untested, for use with Silhouette devices. They are untested because of a conflict I am having with Instructables, and because I do not care for the closed system Silhouette forces upon their customers. But for anyone willing to give them a try, be my guest.

c3rialk11 months ago
Made one too and my wife loved it. Thanks! #success
tabi11 months ago

I made it and it was a success!!! the only thong is I did put some backing but it was slightly larger thatn the card proper so it will not go into the envelope (doesn´t really matter because it so pretty on its own! (I justo closed it with a kiss (sticker)

passionworks11 months ago

very fun project, wife should love it when she finds it in morning!

Drow11 months ago

Awesome and surprisingly simple. The envelope was a nice addition. Thank you for posting!!!!

S_Alex77 made it!11 months ago

Very cute! Thanks :-) I'm halfway through making 17 of these for my son to take to school on Valentine's day. I even found some cute pixelated heart tape!

2014-02-12 13.11.02.jpg
hometownbetty11 months ago

Awesome! What a cool card! I'll have to try this one next year with my kids!

Nidža made it!11 months ago

So cool. I just made a card for my wife. Thanks. :-)

And I performed all cutting and folding using my Swiss Army Knife, which my wife sees as a toy, not real tool. ;-)

I used scissors and small blade for cutting, and large blade for lifting the heart up.

TIP: For easy folding, just scratch lines that not should be cut, with tip of a blade or with a needle.

muskyhusky2511 months ago
I don't get it. How?
tezcatbus11 months ago

this is legit, and has given me so many ideas for other applications.

poisonhydra11 months ago


samalert11 months ago

dude 2 year back but still fresh

fareed_tam11 months ago
fareed_tam11 months ago
ASCAS11 months ago

Thank you for sharing the world's most awesome card! <3

daiduong0411 months ago

Thank you so much, i made it for my girl friend. She goes UK for studying, i stucked in how to make her feel happy. today, i see your instructable..... it s an awful gift. I greatly appreciate your sharing.

hindmarauder11 months ago

sweet! another gift for my lil valentine :3
thanks for sharing and it really is great :D

heatherm211 months ago

super cute!!

seth421 year ago
This is a great and super creative instructable and I am really glad it was posted. Whatever contest it was in, it deserved to win.
Indy cloe1 year ago
Looks like mine craft
solielxxx32 years ago
it doesnt let me print out the pdf !! why ???
thanks for this and i also make some too but is the different one is a cube and guys u can go to my profile and check it out ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loveed! =D
Super nice!
HMice2 years ago
Awesome! Here's the one I made. Not as good as urs tho... As you can see, two of the little things I scored to much and they broke. :( It still looks pretty good for a first attempt in my opinion. Thanks again for the great "ible"
ToolboxGuy2 years ago
Cannot print the PDF for some reason!
I can print other PDFs from here, but Adobe Reader crashes when I attempt to print. Can you post a version which does not use the fancy fonts, so I can see if that is the cauuse?

kate12345 (author)  ToolboxGuy2 years ago
Hi Toolboxguy,

I uploaded one without fonts to my site. Link as follows:

If you have further problems then let me know what version of adobe reader you are using.

I found out it wasn't fonts, but my new HP printer, which has their "web tools" feature, to direct print any image (think snag-it)
It couldn't handle the idea of using Adobe to print PDFs - go figure.

I uninstalled all Adobe products, rebooted, reinstalled Reader, still failed.
Uninstalled the HP tool, and your original worked!

Sorry to put you through the rework for nothing....


kate12345 (author)  ToolboxGuy2 years ago
Hi Toolboxguy,

Glad you sorted it.

No only took a few minutes...
By the way, my wife said it's one of the best things she's received for Valentine's Day ever!

Since we've been together for 31 years, that's saying something special!
kate12345 (author)  ToolboxGuy2 years ago
yippee!! congrats on 31 years! :)
kate12345 (author) 2 years ago
Glad it all went well for you all!

Hope you had an ace valentines day. My hubby likes his card too so that's cool!

londobali2 years ago
The mrs loved it soooo much! :)

oh, and i also combined the idea with the "Woven together Valentine" ible...
manderson272 years ago
Wonderful! Thank you... of course I just had to write in mine... "I love ever Bit of you" seemed just perfect! :)
I copied your idea and my geek boyfriend loved it!!
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