Women love accessories, and women love to be trend setters. Inspired from ethnic Indian jewelry, these foot accessories complement a wide range of clothes. They look great on bare feet, can be worn with a variety of footwear, and make the simplest of slippers fun!
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Step 1: Tools and materials you will need:

a sewing machine/basic hand stitching skills
a needle
four 5 cm thick and 28 cm long strips of cloth (can vary according to foot/ankle size)
four bits of Velcro
couple of meters of paracord

For decoration:
some extra cloth
any other decorative material you wish to use.

Step 2: The ankle band

Take two of the four strips.
(You can use two colours for each pair of strips and make the product reversible.)
Fold 1 cm on all four sides of strips and stitch to form seams.
Place the strips back to back and stitch together.
Attach a piece of Velcro to the left extremity of either face of the strip.
Stitch parallel lines along the length of the strips to secure the band and give it a classy finish.
Repeat the process with the other pair.

Step 4: The decoration

Picture of The decoration
Cut the remaining cloth into small square pieces.
Pinch the four corners to form a sort of button.
Stitch the beads on in patterns.
I encourage you to do your own decoration! 

Step 6:

You can add or change to suit your liking and make the product original.

Voila! An unique gift for your loved one. She’ll love to show it off to the world, and she sure will be proud of you…
sunshiine1 year ago
They are so pretty and fashionable! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work! Have a splendorous day!
Beautiful work! I've seen barefoot sandals with thin chains and beads, and they never really appealed to me, but the ones you made with silk are lovely and much more my style. Great instructable, and wonderful photos of the step by step process.
doool962 years ago
I sure would love having these!! :P
Pushan Panda (author)  doool962 years ago
Well they are easy to make!! :D
They are too nice! And the fabric you use is really cool too
Pushan Panda (author)  marcellahella2 years ago
Thanks! The fabric is silk.. :)
Very cute! I love those little "buttons" you created with the cloth and the beads :D
Pushan Panda (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Hehe! Thanks! :D