Picture of Pixlr Transformation: Comic Killer Blonde
Picture 12.png
In this Instructable, we'll be transforming an image into a vintage Comic Killer Blonde using the fabulous program Pixlr. 

So grab a photo, and POW!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Comic Lips: Paint Em'

Picture of Comic Lips: Paint Em'
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Picture 18.png
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First, open an image in Pixlr. (By clicking on the link to the left, it will take you there!)

Change Lip Color
1) Open a New Layer in the Layers palette. 
2) Grab the Brush tool, choose a bright red, and paint on over lips. 
3) Clean up with the Eraser tool.
4) Set Mode to Multiply.

To add a "Sketch" look follow these steps:
1) Click on the Pencil tool on the left Tools bar.
2) Trace with a black color around the lips.
3) Paint using the black brush technique over part of the lips.
4) Lower Opacity in above the Mode option.

very nice. This would be an awesome halloween costume, have you ever tried this in real life?
Thank you! I haven't actually tried this in real life...there may be a future Instructable coming! :)
That is quite a transformation! Nice job!
Thank you very much! It was super fun to work on! :)