MK: DIY Pizza Bike





Introduction: MK: DIY Pizza Bike

Have you ever wanted to cut your delicious pizza with even more style? I have solutions for you!

Materials: 6mm or 1/4" rebar, saw blade, two M3 (1/8) bolts and four nuts, black paint.

Tools: hacksaw, welding machine, drill, angle grinder with grinding and cut off wheel.

Step 1: Design

I first designed the bike by measuring my friends bike and scaling the dimension accordingly. Then I made a drawing using these dimensions.

Step 2: Frame

I started by cutting the rebar into pieces with hacksaw according to my measurments. Next I bent the pieces using just torch and pliers. Then I welded the pieces together. I had a little hard time clamping the parts together because they are so small and joined in weird angles. I used combination of magnets, vise and clamps. After welding I filed the welds, but I was really careful while welding so there really wasn´t that much of work.

Later I drilled holes for bolts. For this I used shorter drill bits so they wouldn´t "wander" around. Then I painted the whole frame black for sexy look :-)

Step 3: Wheels

I cut the rough shape with angle grinder from saw blade. Then I drilled a hole in the middle and run through a bolt and secured it with a nut. This will allow to fasten the wheel in a drill. Later I used angle grinder while the wheel was spinning to grind it to round shape and sharp edge. I found out that I achieved best results with drill running on relatively high speed. This significantly reduced vibrations.

Step 4: Assembly

The assmebly looked simple first, but it turned out to be little tricky. When I was going to fasten the nuts on the wheel I realised, that regular wrench is too thick to fit between the fork and the wheel so I had to make my own. Then it was just the matter of putting everything together and fastening the bolts.



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    Looks really amazing. Good job!

    thank you :-) the black paint always leaves nice finish

    thank you :-)

    thanx ;-)

    Very cool idea! :)

    Thank you! I always like fun ways to do normal stuff :-)