I use these easy to make solar ovens all the time when I am camping to cook biscuits etc. they are great an don a sunny day can cook almost as fast as an energy wasting oven.
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Step 1: Gather your supplies

You will need

-1 Pizza Box (or two to make a deeper one)
-Some aluminum foil (i used heavy duty)
-tape or fencing wire
Box cutter, scissors, or razor blade it doesn't really matter (OPTIONAL)
Paint (optional)
wire cutters

By the way....... You could get your pizza box for FREE if you go to a local pizzeria and just ask for a box.

Step 4: Holding the foil on

To hold the foil on, I looped some fence wire in the inside and outside through small holes in the box.

I didnt want to use tape because I was worried that it would melt

These also make good handles

I strap them to the outside of my pack through the outside loops.

Sorry I couldn't get any up close pics. but they were kind of hard to see since I was using my phone camera.

Step 5: Start cooking

Now just wait for a nice sunny day and throw some food in your pizza box cooker. I painted the outside of mine just to add a custom touch and I used black in the hope to have the box hold more heat.

To use it just put something to cook in it and leave the lid open in the direction of the sun.

On an average day it took about 20 mins longer to cook some Pillsbury biscuits.

Step 6: BUT WAIT, Theres More

If you want to be really innovative then you can cut a hole in the bottom of your box and put another box under it, line that, and then you could cook deeper dishes. I have not been able to test this but im sure it would work just fine.