Introduction: Pizza Box Turned Succulent Propagation Planter

Picture of Pizza Box Turned Succulent Propagation Planter

If you are planning to propagate Succulents, then you will need a large shallow planter and a pizza box is a great (and FREE!) option.

Step 1: Buy Succulents

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First things first, you need to go out shopping. Head to your near by nursery and pick out some beautiful succulents. Once they are home, you can start dividing your plants. They will need at least 48 hours to scab over and then it will be time to plant.

Step 2: Order Pizza

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Save your pizza box. Cut off the lid and let your daughter paint a butterfly on it while you're propagate succulents.

Step 3: Fill Your Box With Planting Medium

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You will want to fill your box with 2/3 potting soil and 1/3 sand. Succulents need very little moister. So, this mix of planting soil with offer perfect drainage.

Step 4: Mix Soil and Make Level

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Your toddler is probably done painting. So, let her mix your sand and soil mixture! I filled my box with about 1.5 inches of soil.

Once it is uniformaly mixed, smooth out.

Step 5: Time to Plant

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Lay your Cutting and Succulent tops on your fresh soil. Very lightly spray with water. I used a spray bottle. I can not stress enough 'lightly'! Do NOT overwater your cuttings. 3 or 4 spritzes will do. Do not water again for 4 or 5 days.

Step 6: Wait and Watch

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Within a couple weeks you will start seeing tiny new growth. Before you know it, you will have dozens of new succulent plants.


rallygou (author)2015-06-16

i would repeat step 2 a few times :P

Fish Nerd (author)2015-06-16

love this

zat1991 made it! (author)2016-08-09

A bit different one but I had good results in my previous (un-photographed attempt). So I scaled it a bit.. Thanks for the motivation and the idea!

jemolney (author)2015-06-26

Just lay the pieces ON the soil??? Really???? I'm hungry for pizza AND I want something to successfully grow in my house!!! I am SO going to try this!!!

Hammerguy84 (author)jemolney2016-02-28

Yes! If you look at the photograph closely, the new sprouts have roots that grow down into the ground!

brenSt (author)2015-07-23

And then what do we do???

Hammerguy84 (author)brenSt2016-02-28

You replant them into individual pots or preplanned areas in your garden!

gemma4me (author)2015-06-27

Does it actually take a few weeks for the little sprouts?

Jubal117 (author)gemma4me2015-08-26

It takes months! 2 months later and I am just getting new plants.

masterleo (author)2015-07-14

can we eat them ?

twin798 (author)2015-06-24

What kind of pizzia should I order?

gfreeman6 (author)2015-06-16

so cool I'm so impressed I'm not lying

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