Picture of Pizza Box iPad Stand
This project provides a pattern and instructions for assembling a stand for an iPad.  It will hold the iPad in landscape or portrait orientation at a comfortable angle.  I use it for watching videos and slideshows.  It also keeps iPad from getting lost under the piles of paper on your desk!

While I have used a pizza box to demonstrate the technique, I've also had very good luck with 2 mm matte board from the art store.  The matte board is stiffer and nicer looking than a pizza box.

I have not made any allowances for the power plug, but a simple hole in the crossbar will allow the plug to pass through.  Feel free to modify the design to your own taste.

On to the first step!

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Step 1: Print out the pattern

Picture of Print out the pattern
Use your printer to print out the iPad stand pattern.  I have included two versions: a stand that was the size I liked best and a smaller stand that has been scaled to fit on printers that won't print a full 10x7.5. 

Try printing the larger one first and if it gets cut-off on the edges, then use the smaller one.
IpadStand.pdf(792x792) 7 KB
IpadStand_810.pdf(792x792) 8 KB

Step 2: Find a pizza box

Picture of Find a pizza box
If you're like me, there's a bunch of old pizza boxes laying around the office.  Check the recycling, in the fridge, wherever.  Just make sure it's not greasy; your iPad deserves the best.

Any stiff cardboard will do. Cut off a chunk big enough to make your stand.  Like I said in the intro, I prefer using matte board from the art store.  Whatever you choose, make sure it's big enough to be covered by the pattern.

Step 3: Attach the pattern to the cardboard

Picture of Attach the pattern to the cardboard
I stapled the pattern to the cardboard.  You could also use glue stick to tack it on.  Just make sure that the pattern is firmly attached.

If you use staples, put them in roughly the same place I did so that they will be out of the way for the cutting and folding.

Quick, easy and cheap. Perfect to slide in my son's backpack for school use. I made the notches big enough to accommodate his M-Edge case.

issa_20113 years ago
well i have tried it's good idea, but i have an archos 101, and i have some problem.

but great idea !!

Mike734 years ago
I like the idea and have thought of something like this, too. But if I make a cardboard stand, I'll try to make a "One-Piece-iPad-stand" so I can fold it and stow it away when not in use. Everytime I charge my iPad it is lying on the counter top (mostly over night) but I'm still afraid my wife puts something on it. If it would sit in a stand, I could still use it and charge at the same time :-) And it would be impossible to accidentally place anything on it.