Picture of Pizza Box iPad Stand
This project provides a pattern and instructions for assembling a stand for an iPad.  It will hold the iPad in landscape or portrait orientation at a comfortable angle.  I use it for watching videos and slideshows.  It also keeps iPad from getting lost under the piles of paper on your desk!

While I have used a pizza box to demonstrate the technique, I've also had very good luck with 2 mm matte board from the art store.  The matte board is stiffer and nicer looking than a pizza box.

I have not made any allowances for the power plug, but a simple hole in the crossbar will allow the plug to pass through.  Feel free to modify the design to your own taste.

On to the first step!

Step 1: Print out the pattern

Picture of Print out the pattern
Use your printer to print out the iPad stand pattern.  I have included two versions: a stand that was the size I liked best and a smaller stand that has been scaled to fit on printers that won't print a full 10x7.5. 

Try printing the larger one first and if it gets cut-off on the edges, then use the smaller one.
IpadStand.pdf(792x792) 7 KB
IpadStand_810.pdf(792x792) 8 KB

Quick, easy and cheap. Perfect to slide in my son's backpack for school use. I made the notches big enough to accommodate his M-Edge case.

issa_20113 years ago
well i have tried it's good idea, but i have an archos 101, and i have some problem.

but great idea !!

Mike735 years ago
I like the idea and have thought of something like this, too. But if I make a cardboard stand, I'll try to make a "One-Piece-iPad-stand" so I can fold it and stow it away when not in use. Everytime I charge my iPad it is lying on the counter top (mostly over night) but I'm still afraid my wife puts something on it. If it would sit in a stand, I could still use it and charge at the same time :-) And it would be impossible to accidentally place anything on it.