Step 6: Make Slits in the Crossbar

Now that the legs are folded out, put the main stand away and get out the cross-bar again. 

You will need to cut out the inset slits so that the crossbar will fit over the main body legs.  Make the width of the slits according to the thickness of the pizza box (or matte board) that you chose to use.

I used a scrap of cardboard leftover from the pattern to test against.  Just gradually widen the slit until you get a nice snug fit.  Be careful that you don't go to wide or things might get a bit wobbly and loose.

<p>Quick, easy and cheap. Perfect to slide in my son's backpack for school use. I made the notches big enough to accommodate his M-Edge case.<br>Thanks!</p>
Hello, <br>well i have tried it's good idea, but i have an archos 101, and i have some problem.<br><br>but great idea !!<br><br>
I like the idea and have thought of something like this, too. But if I make a cardboard stand, I'll try to make a &quot;One-Piece-iPad-stand&quot; so I can fold it and stow it away when not in use. Everytime I charge my iPad it is lying on the counter top (mostly over night) but I'm still afraid my wife puts something on it. If it would sit in a stand, I could still use it and charge at the same time :-) And it would be impossible to accidentally place anything on it.

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