This is a recipe my husband and I cooked up when we needed something to do with our leftover spaghetti sauce. So this is really spagetti, pizza bread, but just Pizza Bread has a nice ring to it.  (I like a nice cup of cool milk to go along with it, especially if I have a matching cup and plate set.)

Step 1: Supplies

This recipe is really simple and you can just use your leftover spaghetti sauce.  This time we made the sauce special.

Spaghetti sauce
Ground Turkey or Beef (we cooked up a pound and a quarter since that is how it came, but only used half.)
Bread (we made italian seasoning bread in our bread maker)
Garlic Salt (not shown; for seasoning the meat)
Oil (for the pan to cook ground turkey)

Frying Pan
Baking Sheet
Wooden Spoon
Cheese Grater
Plates and forks for eating
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