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If you like pizza and you like casserole dinners then you will love this creative combination of the two. I have been cooking for years and this is one of my favorite meals to create. Whether you are a college student looking for a new way to enjoy a ritual dinner, or a busy parent looking for new ideas to feed your large family, this instructable is for you. You are welcome to enjoy this recipe exactly the way it is or to make this recipe your own by adding or removing any ingredients. The possibilities are endless if you choose to branch out and be even more creative. :)

This 11-step instructable will guide you through the process of making a simple version of Pizza Casserole :) This mouthwatering dish takes about 30-45 minutes to prepare at 350 degrees F and can serve from 6 to 10 people. This can be a great meal for a dinner party or for serving a large family and you may even have some leftovers. :) Lets start cooking!

Step 1: Ingredients and Supplies

First, you will need to do some shopping. All of these materials were gathered for this recipe from a local Wal-Mart but it doesn't matter what brand you use for this casserole or what store you shop from. For me, these supplies only cost me about 25 dollars total (this price is assuming you already own a cake pan or casserole dish, skillet, etc.). I chose to get my supplies at Wal-Mart because it is so common and widespread throughout the United States. 

The materials you will need are:

Stove and Oven
8 x 11 in. Cake pan (or casserole dish)
Medium or large sized skillet
Small knife to cut up the pepper
Cutting board (protect your countertops!)
A pair of oven mitts
1     1lb. ground beef
1     6.0 oz package of pepperoni
2     14.0 oz jars of pizza sauce
2     Containers of flakey biscuits
1     Bag of shredded cheese (at least 10.0 oz)
1     Bell pepper
(These supplies can vary depending on your taste, preference, allergies and creativity. These ingredients are what were used in this instructable only and taste very well together. 
yummy! added turkey pepperoni and chopped olives to 1/3 of casserole. popped back into oven for 5 minutes after adding cheddar and mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni and olives. also added diced tomatoes to sauce. omitted ground beef.
Making this tonight....looks and smells sooo yummy! Excited to see what the fam thinks :) thanks for sharing!
This was soooooo good. My mom and I made it together the other night. My mom really doesn't like pizza, but she loved this and wants me to make it again.
is eleven steps really necessary? it looks very easy, i will have to make this soon.<br />
just made it, noe does wonder about useing a thicker sauce and puting a layer of sauce, then the biscuts, then &quot;toppings&quot;, and then the rest of the sauce<br /> <br />
If you put the biscuits on a lower layer they wont cook completely through. So I would keep them on top :)
Maybe partially cook the biscuits on the bottom and then add the &quot;pizza&quot; ingredients?<br><br>Chicago style.
Thanks for the recipe, I just made this but since my family is celiac, I made a gluten free version. Instead of the premade biscuit dough I made my own.<br> <br> 1 cup corn starch<br> 1 cup potato starch<br> 1 cup tapioca flour<br> 1/3 cup corn flour<br> 2 tsp xanthim gum<br> 1 tsp salt<br> 1 tsp apple cider vinegar<br> 2 tblsp sugar<br> 2 tsp yeast<br> 2 eggs<br> 1/4 cup olive oil<br> 1 cup milk, add very slowly until a workable texture<br> <br> Make the dough first and set aside to let the yeast do it's thing. Then plop it on top of the casserole on the step with the biscuit dough.<br> <br> The kids loved it!
Wow! This is amazing :) Thank you for experimenting and coming up with a gluten free version. Now several more people can enjoy this yummy dish!
No prob. It's kind of normal for me to adapt a recipe, been doing it for years. When you first learn you're celiac it feels like you'll never be able to eat good food again. If I can lessen that blow just a little that makes me happy.
Definately gonna try this. Without the peppers though, and with bucketloads of garlic.<br />
Of course :) This is an open recipe to change it as you feel is best. I just included my favorite toppings but there are so many more that could be added :)
I&nbsp;just made this for dinner, supper yummy! Thanks for posting!<br />
You are very welcome :) Thank you for checking it out!
ChrysN, I'm glad you like the recipe :) Your welcome and I hope it was delicious!<br /> <br /> Keastes, I left the recipe open to be changed and modified to your personal tastes :) The toppings could be anywhere, and I&nbsp;had the biscuits on the very top to make it seem more like an &quot;up-side-down&quot; pizza and looks more like a casserole. I&nbsp;think your idea is great too! I will have to try it the next time I gather those ingredients again. <br /> <br /> Thanks for your comments!!<br />

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