Step 4: Preparing the Cupcakes

Scoop a dollop of marinara sauce into each cupcake. Use a rubber spatula to even out the sauce. 

Add ingredients on top of the sauce in layers. 

Cover the ingredients in cheese. The cheese layer should be close to filling up the cupcake. 

Use a basting brush to spread olive oil onto the crust.
I made these yesterday, with a lot of chopped veggies and mushrooms including eggplant big handful of fresh basil, no oil except for soaring the tub, no chess, just put another teaspoon of sauce on top, delicious! froze some to heat up in toaster oven. THANKS FOR THE FUN IDEA! :-)
spraying the tin, no cheese, cause I didnt have any.
I am curious where did you got this receipe from ?
Haha, well, this was one of those rare moments when I decided to not follow a recipe but to simply follow my heart.
Those look awesome!

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