How to make a Panini Pizza from leftovers :)
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Step 1: Preparation

Make sure you have the following:

Most important: Cold, precooked Leftover pizza, without this, theres no point in going any further here...
Some sauce - Tomato Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, Chilli, etc,
A grater
A microwave

And some kind of board or plate, maybe a knife as well

Now you're ready to start!

Step 6: Suggestions

Eat it... obviously

At step 3, add anything you like the sound of.. chillies, more ham, anything :)

at step 5, stick some coleslaw on the side, see how that goes down :D

Use different types of pizza for each slice,
If you find yourself with a load of cheese pizza, and not much other pizza, do what i did on my earlier attempt and combine them to make it a bit more interesting

Please add your own suggestions :)

Thanks for reading,

I think I may have to try that for dinner tonight!
jammedfool (author) 3 years ago
thanks guys, i was left like half a pepperoni pizza and my sister wanted 2 slices of plain old cheese pizza.. which im not a fan of... we had run out of jalepenos and no ham or anything to liven it up.. so i thought, why not just do it like a calzone?? and then i had a crazy thought... add MORE CHEESE!! and sauce and stuff... if i had more inngredients, this could have been spectacular :D cheers for comments! this was my first instructable :D
zach13133 years ago
you are a genius!
duetgidro3 years ago
really delicious pizza ... yummy!