Pizza Peel


Introduction: Pizza Peel

Making a hardwood pizza peel

Center is cherry the dark strips are walnut and the rest is maple.

Main area is 12.5" wide 14.5" deep with a ~12" handle



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    Beautiful peel. What is the weight of the finished peel?

    I made one of these. I made mine a lot thinner, with a longer handle. I keep on waiting for it to fall apart on me. So far it is holding up though. I used it just the other day making a pizza.

    Beautiful job!

    What was the devise you used after gluing the pieces together? At about timestamp 3:20 in the video.

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    Its a DeWalt DW735 thickness planer hooked up to my homemade dust separator. Its just a fast way to even out the surface and remove any left over surface glue. You could easily do it with a hand sander or plane too.

    dust separator build is here