Good for any occasion (including the SuperBowl), pizza rolls are just a classic. And while they are easy to buy, they are pretty easy to make and personalize!

Step 1: Supplies

  • Pizza Dough - 13.8 oz store bought pre made
  • Pizza Sauce - I used about 6 oz of a 14 oz jar
  • Mozzarella Cheese - I used about 4 oz of a 16 oz bag
  • Pepperoni or filling of choice - I had an 8 oz bag and probably didn't use half

Other Supplies:
Recipe will make 20 Pizza Rolls

* These are the ingredients and amounts I used.  I hope everyone will make it with whatever ingredients they like best whether it be a certain store-bought brand or fresh homemade ingredients :)
i saw this while i was fasting and thought it torture! but now that i think about it, i wanna make these, bad!
<p>They are pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself :D</p>
i made em and they were AUSUM!!!!!
<p>Glad to hear it!</p>
may i also say ur quite pretty!
<p>can you freeze them before you cook then to make them last longer</p>
<p>I believe everything on its own can be frozen, so I don't see why not :) But I'm not sure on the cooking time then.</p>
looks good! <br>i'm gonna show this to my mom!!
Awesome! Hope you guys make it sometime :)
Little mini calzone! Top work, they look delicious
Very delicious :)
Mmmm. I've got to try this with homemade pizza dough (got any recipes? I haven't been happy with most of the ones I've found....). <br> <br>I wonder how well these would freeze.
I have not taken a shot at making pizza dough yet :( Did you find a recipe you like?
as they cook poke holes in them to prevent them from bursting <br>
Thanks! I'll have to try that next time :)
Looks SOOOOOO delicious! <br>
Thanks :)
I pretty much just made the exact same thing a few weeks ago, except I used crescent rolls and stuffed them way too much, so there was definitely spillage, but they were SO good. I will try the real pizza dough next time though with your cutting method!
Mmm! Sounds good! I debated using something other than pizza dough, but thought I should go with this route and try to reduce the chances of failure on my part!
It was a bit extra salty since it was the &quot;buttery flavor&quot; kind, but even room temperature, they were still really good. I highly recommend it for party platters.
Thank you. I'll try these. Soon!
Yay! Glad to hear it!
I have some leftover egg roll wraps I think I'll use this way and get the pizza dough later! My Hubs will love these! Thanks for sharing!
Sounds great! I'm sure they will be tasty :)
I think I will try fillo dough or puff pastry instead, because pizza dough sits like cement in my gut :-(
Sounds like a good idea :) Let me know how they turn out!
Great, I was just going to go tomorrow and buy some, but instead I think I will try these. Good job!
Awesome idea! They are pretty easy to whip up :)
Yay sounds yummy gonna try tomorrow :) <br>
Hope they turn out great :)
Thanks for the recipe, my kids will love these.
Awesome, awesome!
I could roll into one of those right now! :D
Look yummie! You must be a hit on game day!
I WILL make these, tonight! Thanks so much for the recipe
Yay! I would love to hear how yours turned out :)
Bursting is the result of too much pressure inside them. Either wet down the edge with egg wash (egg mixed up with a tablespoon of water) or you can crimp them with the tines of a fork for a more... ravoli look. <br> <br>Also be sure to squeeze out as much air as you can, as it can expand and blow out seams. <br> <br>Good job!
Thanks for the tips and thanks for looking!
You could probably make these bigger for pizza pockets, I'd think you'd just need to increase baking time.
For sure! Those would be tasty too :)
looks great and tasty
Thank you :)
Very tempting, I'll give them a go
Yay! I hope you do and I hope you enjoy them :)
Ya me dio hambre
¡Gracias! Espero que los hacen :)
These are sooo good! We have something very similar to this in Italy called calzoni or panzerotti :)
Let's face it. Italian cuisine is the best in Europe

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