Pizza Toast


Introduction: Pizza Toast

tastey and simple snack and great fun to make with the kids

Step 1: Toast

make some toast

Step 2: Ketchup

spread in ketchup

Step 3: Cheese

cover in grated cheese

Step 4: Toppings

I used tomato and peperoni, but u can use what you like

Step 5: Seasoning

mixed herbs and chillies, again you can choose what you like, and sprinkle a little more cheese

Step 6: Cook

grill untill cheese melts/bubbles.....

And enjoy



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    This is brilliant! I never thought of using the small individually wrapped meats, this is genius. I'm showing my son this today. I'll use pizza sauce that comes in the squeeze bottle until i get the chance to make some from scratch. Thank you

    OMG ... pizza and ketchup in the same sentence don't match ... pizza doesn't have ketchup, use tomato sauce instead ... otherwise you're American ;-)