I created this pizza costume for a volunteer fundraiser for charity.  I wanted to make a costume that would open and close/ expand and contract. After lots of brainstorming and trial and error... I made this! 
This instructable shows you how to make the basic wings. You don't have to turn it into a pizza, it could be anything- a quesadilla, a sun... the possibilities are endless!

Pardon the saggy crust on the top- I explain that in the final step.

Full pizza pic by Chris Castillo, collapsed pizza pic by Pak Lai.

Step 1: Supplies

These are all the supplies you will need to make both halves of the pizza.

You will need:
  • 14 yard sticks (thick & strong ones, not wimpy & bendable)
  • 2 beige king-size bed sheets (thrift store- they don’t have to perfectly match, just be similar)
  • tape measure
  • pins
  • sewing machine with thread & heavy duty needle (like for jeans)
  • marker (brown or any color that will blend in on a pizza)
  • drill
  • drill bit (I used size 3/16)*
  • 2- 3” bolts (I used Pan Phillips Machine 10-24 x 3)*
  • 8 washers (I used size 3/16 I also used size #10 lock washers. Use either or both, it doesn't make too much of a difference)*
  • 4 nuts (I used hex nuts size 10-24)*
  • 2 cap nuts (I used size 10-24)*    
  • needle
  • thread (strong, like upholstery thread)    
  • fabric for toppings- I used sequined fabric (because I wanted to be a glamorous pizza) in red (pepperoni), green (bell pepper), gold (mushroom) and silver (anchovy). Or you can choose to just paint them. The choices for toppings are endless!
  • fabric paint: 3 jars of red (I used Jacquard Textile Paint, in True Red and Ruby Red (marinara sauce) and 1 jar of white (I used Jacquard Textile Paint in OP. White) mixed with 1 jar of Yellow (I used Jacquard Textile Paint in Yellow cheese). See pic below (The pic shows a different brand on the far right which I had to get because the store was out of red Jacquard Textile Paints.  I don't recommend Dye-na for your pizza because it is very watery)
  • brush
  • sponge (I used an old dish sponge- without a scouring pad on one side. I cut it into an “X”)
  • belt to cut (thick and strong, like a boy scout belt)- thrift store
  • a wearable sturdy belt (wide, sturdy, with eyelets)- thrift store
  • ice pick
  • plastic bags (grocery bags, or any kind of plastic packaging that you can use for stuffing)
  • wooden stick or dowel (something to push the stuffing in)
  • sticks, dowels, scraps of wood, chop sticks, broken plastic hangers (anything to glue on the back  as reinforcement)
  • glue gun (high temp)
  • glue sticks
  • iron-on fusing (to attach toppings)
  • iron
  • old t-shirt or rag
  • scissors
*you can use any size, as long as the drill bit, bolt, washers, nuts and cap nuts all match in size.
<p>Oh This is Too Much FUN! LOVE!</p>
Wow, this awesome! I think this would make great peacock costume, too. I'm so making this.
I love that idea of making a peacock- I felt like a proud peacock-pizza in it! Thanks for commenting!
Nicely done. The yardsticks acting as battens to keep the pizza flat is genius. As in earlier comments, this could be easily adapted to make a peacock costume. Very nice instructable.
Thank you so much! I tried dowels first but they weren't strong enough. It would be a beautiful peacock- I want to try that out. This is my first instructable, I really appreciate the feedback!

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