Picture of Pizza from Down Under

While living in Australia I was introduced to the traditional pizza. Being from NY having egg on pizza seemed extremely strange!  After trying it a few times I realized that maybe them Aussies were not so crazy at all….well in regards to cooking pizza…

Things You’ll Need

Pizza Base/Dough
Marinara Sauce (Recipe in blog)
Raw Spinach
Fresh Mozzarella
Romano Cheese or Parmesan
Ham Slices
Olive oil
Balsamic Vinegar

Step 1: Prep Toppings

Picture of Prep Toppings

Tip #1  Egg on pizza is different..but try it! Try New Things!

For this recipe I made personal size pizzas.  Dice onions, ham slices, and garlic and fry them up in a heated skillet.  Once ham is lightly browned and onions are softened set aside topping in a bowl.

Mmmmm! This looks like all kinds of fantastic! I am dying to make this!
dparker211 year ago
This is a main stream pizza here in Australia really do yourself a favor and have a try!
sunshiine1 year ago

This looks so tasty! Thanks for sharing.