Pizza Ready in 2 Minutes





Introduction: Pizza Ready in 2 Minutes

In this instructable I'll show you how to prepare
a delicious pizza snack in about two minutes.
The final result is tasteful and healthy!

Step 1: Ingredients Tools

2 slices of bread
1 can of concentrated tomato sauce
2 mushrooms
Pizza herbs

2 kinves
A microwave oven

Step 2: Procedure

1) Spread the tomato sauce on the bread
2) Put the pizza herbs on top of it
3) Slice and add the mushrooms
4) Put the cheese on top

5) Cook it at 1000W in the microwave oven for 2 minutes

6) Enjoy!!



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    I'm going to try this! :D Thank you ;)

    Ughhhhh FOOOD...... sex, food, sex, food, more sex, more food etc.. fall over. Die.

    6 replies

    how about sex with food?


    seinfeld refference?

    yes George Castanza (SP?) combines those two best things in the world!

    that sounds like a good plan. now what about the sex part?

    i think there's an 'ible on that too

    Doesn't the microwave make the bread kind of soggy? I would think a toaster oven would work better.

    2 replies

    do you mean toaster oven, or just toaster. if just toaster, wouldnt it gett all on the inside. i hope you mean toaster oven. I DONT HAVE A TOASTER OVEN!

    No, not really, of course if you have a bit dry bread that you can use it's better ;-)

    is it just me, or does that mushroom on the bottom left look like a skeleton? awesome.

    3 replies

    skeleton mushroom? ahhh! it's the grimm reaper. he's waiting for you to eat the pizza so he can kill you. hes disguised as a mushroom.

    You're right!!

    ketchup will work fine my mom uses it all the time its the pretty much the same as tomato paste (P.S. i think it tastes better)

    woho! i thought i couldnt make. im now okay.

    i dont have sauce! NOOOOOO!

    yep, it's good. even if bread is a bit soggy. a good quick-snack