Introduction: Plaid Fabric Vintage-style Earring

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Transform the throw-away plaid fabric T-shirt into an earring for girls.

Love the plaid cotton, love the Promostyl&Printsource, love the vintage-style.....

Love the lightweight and comfortable....

DIY one yourself.

Part List:

  • Sewing machine x1
  • Scissors x1
  • Pliers x1
  • Transparent beads
  • Plaid Fabric T-shirt
  • Silver wire
  • Small iron ring

Step 1:

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Cut two small rectangle fabric separately.

Step 2:

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Stitches along the edge of rectangle fabric.

Step 3:

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Swing two fabric into irregular shapes as below, and sew the head side.

Step 4:

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Make the silver wire through the fabric, and create two small iron ring.

Step 5:

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  • String breads at both sides, and fix the breads with a small iron ring.
  • Then fix them together with an earring.

Step 6:

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Follow the steps and make another one, create asymmetrical better.


Wells_Tu (author)2016-07-10

Love it, you got my vote~

ShapewaysToo (author)2016-07-10

an unknown land style, but perfect!!!

DannyLord (author)2016-07-10

Nice earrings! It has a wonderful personality.

negligibleap (author)2016-07-08

Its magnificent

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