This is what I made for the Makers Care project. There was A lot of us on youtube that made one.for a great cause.

Step 1: The Beginning

I used some Pine from an Old dresser That I had broken down already. Then I downloaded a pic of the plane I wanted from the Internet. I then spray mounted it to the pine and cut to length on the chop saw.

Step 2: Cutting Out

I then did a rough cut out on my Scroll saw and took it over to the drill press and used different size drum sanders to roughly shape the body. then made a second half to glue to the first one ready for carving out with a angle grinder fitted with a flap disk.

Step 3: Wings

The next stage was the wings. I roughly drawn the wings to a piece of pine a rough cut out on the scroll saw. I took my grinder and shaped the wings till I was happy with the shape of them.

Step 4: Lining Up

This next step I lined up the wings by eye to see how it looked. I then cut down the nose so I could use the off cut for the Propeller cone

Step 5: The Nose Cone and Propellers

The nose cone was just cut to shape using a craft knife and then shaped using a sponge sanding block then I just used the knife again to make the propellers used a awl to make the holes for the propellers and glued them into place.

Step 6: Tail End and Assembly

This stage was rough cutting the tail end parts with a craft knife. I also used two small dowels for the guns and ground in some lines for the cockpit windows and wing flaps I also cut out the manifold sections and glued it all together..

Step 7: Final Stages of the Build

One this last few stages of the build I first made the stand from scrap MDF and the Makers care wording was done on my Scroll saw using A spiral blade 46 TPI and is made from mahogany The stand painted in silver as I wanted to highlight the wording. The last part of this build was to fix the plane to the stand.

I drilled a hole in the stand and the plane so I could fit a wooden dowel and glue it into place. While the glue was still wet I just twisted the plane into the position I liked and then I was finished.

Materials used are

1 leftover pine from an old dresser

2 scrap MDF for the Stand

3 Mahogany for the wording

4 Silver paint for the stand

5 quick dry clear varnish for the plane and scroll work

6 One wooden dowel for the fixing of the plane to stand + glue

<p>love that design :-)</p>
<p>12 years and $691 in wood later and yea, no I might be able to do something semi as good looking as this one. Nice job but I unfortunately need to stick to plastic models. Always enjoyed model building, is this a Spitfire?</p>
<p>Thank you deswiger</p><p>I did part spitfire then changed it some during the build. I just wanted to be a little different. My next one I do for the workshop will be a biplane or something like that. I used to love making the Airfix plastic kits when I was younger I did a few 1/6th scale Motorcycles kits and they were a lot of fun to build..</p>
<p><font></font><font><font>belle r&eacute;ussite, faites attention pour la prochaine r&eacute;alisation de la liaison entre les ailes et le fuselage, ici vous avez fait aller sous quand ils sont obligatoires dans la structure du fuselage de r&eacute;sister &agrave; des efforts.</font></font></p><p>https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermarine_Spitfire#/media/File:Spitfire_F_XVIII_SM845.jpg</p>
<p>Thank you VORTA5 </p>
<p>I looks amazing! How long were you making this plane? </p>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/JaneAir" style="">JaneAir</a> </p><p>Thank you very much It was just a day project. It would have been quicker but Glue drying times got in the way lol..</p>
<p>Some of the design is spitfire. The next One I make for my workshop will be bigger and more detail Not sure what type yet maybe a biplane or something similar.</p>
<p>Nice work, looks great</p>
<p>Thank you Jedi. I might even make a bigger One with more detail and hang it from my workshop ceiling. </p>
<p>that would be really ace, think I might give this a go, deffo post up if you do go bigger as think 3 or 4 of these hung from the tree in the back garden around the old tree house would look great</p>
<p>Jedi That's a cool Idea. Hanging around the tree house it would look great ..</p>
Nice job! I'm assuming that the plane wasn't modeled after anything specific.
<p>Thank you I just used a spitfire drawing and used just the outline But shaped it to what I wanted it to be Just to be different ...</p>
<p>Ok, I thought it looked like a spit, but I wasn't sure.</p>
<p>Very nice work! I like how smooth it looks. Might try to make something similar soon.</p>
<p>Thank you very Much, It was a lot of sanding, But it was worth it for a nice finish</p>
<p>Very nice work!</p>
<p>Thanks Bud I did like this build a lot it meant a lot to me...</p>
Bravo! Looks really good. And for a great cause, too!
<p>Thank you very much. It is a Fantastic Cause.</p>
Well done!
<p>Thank you Much Appreciated...</p>

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