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Introduction: Plane I Made for Makers Care

About: I really like woodworking and Metalwork. I like to build just about anything that pops into my head. I like making Jigs that makes jobs easier and saves time.. I have a few videos on My Youtube Channel but...

This is what I made for the Makers Care project. There was A lot of us on youtube that made one.for a great cause.

Step 1: The Beginning

I used some Pine from an Old dresser That I had broken down already. Then I downloaded a pic of the plane I wanted from the Internet. I then spray mounted it to the pine and cut to length on the chop saw.

Step 2: Cutting Out

I then did a rough cut out on my Scroll saw and took it over to the drill press and used different size drum sanders to roughly shape the body. then made a second half to glue to the first one ready for carving out with a angle grinder fitted with a flap disk.

Step 3: Wings

The next stage was the wings. I roughly drawn the wings to a piece of pine a rough cut out on the scroll saw. I took my grinder and shaped the wings till I was happy with the shape of them.

Step 4: Lining Up

This next step I lined up the wings by eye to see how it looked. I then cut down the nose so I could use the off cut for the Propeller cone

Step 5: The Nose Cone and Propellers

The nose cone was just cut to shape using a craft knife and then shaped using a sponge sanding block then I just used the knife again to make the propellers used a awl to make the holes for the propellers and glued them into place.

Step 6: Tail End and Assembly

This stage was rough cutting the tail end parts with a craft knife. I also used two small dowels for the guns and ground in some lines for the cockpit windows and wing flaps I also cut out the manifold sections and glued it all together..

Step 7: Final Stages of the Build

One this last few stages of the build I first made the stand from scrap MDF and the Makers care wording was done on my Scroll saw using A spiral blade 46 TPI and is made from mahogany The stand painted in silver as I wanted to highlight the wording. The last part of this build was to fix the plane to the stand.

I drilled a hole in the stand and the plane so I could fit a wooden dowel and glue it into place. While the glue was still wet I just twisted the plane into the position I liked and then I was finished.

Materials used are

1 leftover pine from an old dresser

2 scrap MDF for the Stand

3 Mahogany for the wording

4 Silver paint for the stand

5 quick dry clear varnish for the plane and scroll work

6 One wooden dowel for the fixing of the plane to stand + glue



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    12 years and $691 in wood later and yea, no I might be able to do something semi as good looking as this one. Nice job but I unfortunately need to stick to plastic models. Always enjoyed model building, is this a Spitfire?

    1 reply

    Thank you deswiger

    I did part spitfire then changed it some during the build. I just wanted to be a little different. My next one I do for the workshop will be a biplane or something like that. I used to love making the Airfix plastic kits when I was younger I did a few 1/6th scale Motorcycles kits and they were a lot of fun to build..

    belle réussite, faites attention pour la prochaine réalisation de la liaison entre les ailes et le fuselage, ici vous avez fait aller sous quand ils sont obligatoires dans la structure du fuselage de résister à des efforts.

    I looks amazing! How long were you making this plane?

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    Thank you very much It was just a day project. It would have been quicker but Glue drying times got in the way lol..

    Some of the design is spitfire. The next One I make for my workshop will be bigger and more detail Not sure what type yet maybe a biplane or something similar.

    Thank you Jedi. I might even make a bigger One with more detail and hang it from my workshop ceiling.

    that would be really ace, think I might give this a go, deffo post up if you do go bigger as think 3 or 4 of these hung from the tree in the back garden around the old tree house would look great

    Jedi That's a cool Idea. Hanging around the tree house it would look great ..

    Thank you I just used a spitfire drawing and used just the outline But shaped it to what I wanted it to be Just to be different ...

    Ok, I thought it looked like a spit, but I wasn't sure.

    Very nice work! I like how smooth it looks. Might try to make something similar soon.

    1 reply

    Thank you very Much, It was a lot of sanding, But it was worth it for a nice finish