Introduction: Planet Names

Picture of Planet Names

This will let you know the planets in order!

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Picture of Things You Will Need

black marker, string, tape, hanger, scissors, ruler, and yellow & gray paper

Step 2: Cut the String

Picture of Cut the String

Cut the string 4" to 5"; none should be the same.

There needs to be 9 of them.

Step 3: Cut and Write

Picture of Cut and Write

Write and cut out the planets.

Step 4: Tape

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Tape one end of the string to the back of each one.

Step 5: Tie

Picture of Tie

Tie each one in order from the sun and you're DONE.

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jesseben (author)2016-07-14

Thanks! :)

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-13

Great idea for teaching the names of the planets

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