Planning Your Travel Route





Introduction: Planning Your Travel Route

There are many times when I am planning my travel that I would use Google Maps. Who wouldn't? However, every time I wanted to know how far one point is from another, it does not seem to offer this feature. It is true that Google Maps (as in does not have it, so I always have to download Google Earth and set it up from there.

The main purpose of this 'ible is to share this little known tool --, similar to it's sister site but much more convenient for travel planning. Whether I am planning my vacation route or jogging route, or even point to point distance measuring for RF antennas, I have found this tool to be most useful and I hope you do as well.

Step 1: Website

The secret location is:

Unlike the traditional google maps this does require you to login, but it will alsprovide you with the benefit of being able to save your map and share it with friends.

Step 2: Distance Measuring

Using the ruler tool you can plan your own route as well.

You can also find the area too by drawing the perimeter using the same ruler tool.

Step 3: Route Planning

You can also plan your route for multiple destinations by adding different "from" and "to" locations by either typing them or point and click on the map.

Step 4: Sharing Is Caring!

You can also share your travel plans with your friends and family to let them know where y'all are going!



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    This is cool, I'll definitely use that in addition to paper maps for my 3000 miles across france this summer!


    I've never commented on Instructables, but that website is going to come in handy on my summer trip. I can't believe I'd never heard of it before! Thanks!