Picture of Plant Host Drone
Easy and cheap to make P.H.D.
(Plant host drone)

With this you’ll never have to worry that your plant stands in the shades, always the best light for your favourite houseplant!
When you put the Robot in direct sunlight it will not run and he will just sit there and enjoy the sun, but when the day goes by and the sun moves he will follow the sunlight every time the shadow tries to take the upper hand.
When you start her up in the shade he will scout for light and therefore are the collision switches a helpful thing, so he wont get stuck somewhere.

-The parts needed to make this marvellous little robot are :

1x 74HC240
1x L293D
3x 1M resistors
2x 1nF capacitors
2x 10uF capacitors
2x SFH 300 photo transistor
2x collision switches
1x pot to host the plant (make sure it doesn’t leak water into the electronics)
and last but not least a recycled toy with 2 electric motors that runs at about 6volt or identical motors and wheels or a 2 motor robot platform. I think you can make this but for under 10$

-I gave my robot a nice flesh eating plant and designed the body a bit like a trilobite
And I used the Rp5 platform for this robot. I posted an image of my robot and the schematics


AndyGadget2 years ago
Neat little BEAM robot.  Can we have a video please.
The film 'Silent Running' has just popped into my head.
paverphalange8 months ago

Thats incredible

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cobbledbeard9 months ago

This is beautiful.

mousepaper9 months ago

Its superb :)


amazedgreen9 months ago

Its impressive

fastbobble9 months ago

Its spectacular

gorgeddamp9 months ago

Its impressive

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Thats useful

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grousebandit10 months ago

Thats striking...

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cheshirecorn11 months ago

Its magnificent


spongeraffle11 months ago

Its superb

Its beneficial :)

Awesome drone, Looks cool.
BunnyRoger1 year ago
Very nice and cool!!
Very nice Drone Stephen.
MAApleton1 year ago
Thanks for sharing Stephen, looks cool.
This is really cool. For those of us who lack the building skills you could go into business! Have you ever thought about
Yes I have thought about it, but kickstarter is not available in our country, we have other crowdfunding sites but i'm not quite comfortable with them...
Stephenverstraete (author)  athewrahai2 years ago
Well if you have acces to a recycled frame with 2 motors it will be under 10 :-)
Stephenverstraete (author)  wiredworx2 years ago
this sounds like an awesome idea! any chance you could post more of your build pics in step by step form?
i'm sorry but i didn't take pictures during the build, what I can do is post a video of the bot while he runs?
link to movie is online
Are those cobra or trumpet pitcher plants?
here we call them horns sow i think you'll call them trumpets;)
SWV17872 years ago
now you need to make it with a hydrometer and a "Mouth" to go get a drink whenever the plant needs watering... it will be the start of a cyborg houseplant pet