Plant Mildew Spray


Introduction: Plant Mildew Spray

Many garden plants develop mildew which damages the plant. This video shows and eco-friendly do it yourself formula for a spray for dealing with the mildew. It's cheap and easy to make.

I've used the spray on aphids which coated some of the leaves of one of our squash plants, and it seemed to deal with them effectively. I show squash plants in this video, but I've also used the spray on peas, tomatoes and cucumbers. If you try this formula (or variations of the formula) please let me know if it seems to work. Our reversed barred rock chicken Cinder makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the video.zuchhinni.



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    Very nice! How long does it take to work?

    1 reply

    It seemed to work in a day or so. I note that it doesn't get rid of the mildew permanantly.