Step 10: Begin Insterting Cuttings

Gently – gently! – poke the stem through the pillow and into the soil inside. The most important thing is not to damage the rosette. Remember you can scrunch up the pillow to clear the way for the stem.
<p>thank you for the idea</p>
this is so unique!, but does the yarn start spoiling after a while? A good idea would be to knit with plarn so it can be sorta water tight and it wont spoil. There are a bunch of plarn instructables here!
Because San Francisco is a &quot;moist&quot; town, I've been knitting the pockets with acrylic yarn as natural fibres would likely rot. I will definitely look into plarn. Sounds interesting.
cool let me know what u find!
This is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Thank you... you too.

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Bio: I like to knit and my husband, Derek Powazek (http://www.plantgasm.com/) likes to garden. Together, we make things for a knitted garden.
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