Step 5: Fill You Pocket

Fill the pillow with succulent mix.
<p>thank you for the idea</p>
this is so unique!, but does the yarn start spoiling after a while? A good idea would be to knit with plarn so it can be sorta water tight and it wont spoil. There are a bunch of plarn instructables here!
Because San Francisco is a &quot;moist&quot; town, I've been knitting the pockets with acrylic yarn as natural fibres would likely rot. I will definitely look into plarn. Sounds interesting.
cool let me know what u find!
This is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Thank you... you too.

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Bio: I like to knit and my husband, Derek Powazek (http://www.plantgasm.com/) likes to garden. Together, we make things for a knitted garden.
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