Step 2: First, Mold Concrete Forms

For the rectanglular stand, I made forms in two sizes: one is 5 x 5 x 11in. and the small form is 5 x 5 x 5in.  For one round plant stand, I used an empty oatmeal container...the round shape adds variety in arranging the plants.
Very pretty!
Nice !!!
Very nice!
In these wooden molds, do you put wood at the bottom? How do you get the concrete stand out of the wooden mold and the oatmeal container?
Thanks for your questions. The wooden molds are screwed together, including a bottom piece which makes a "box" to pour the concrete into. simply loosen screws after concrete has set, 1 to 2 days. The oatmeal container must be cut a bit, and is not reusable.
what is the red handled plier like tool shown in step 1. and what is it used for?
Those are tile nippers, and as the name implies, they are used to cut and shape tiles.
What do you use for mold release? I really like this idea and I have lots of old tile left over from various remodeling projects. Do you re-use the wood molds? Deb
I think I used veg. oil...just a real thin coat...my molds were cut from plastic covered mdf, and yes, they are reusable.
You always make me sad I don't have a place to make crazy things out of concrete, haha. One day I will have a yard and go crazy. :D
Not too sad, I hope. Thanks for your comment, and hope you get that yard! Need lots of space for all that we can do.

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