Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

Picture of Collect Your Supplies
There's a few factors that will ensure the plants' success. When choosing materials, these need to be considered. Here are the basic needs of a plant (and its gardener), with limited root space:

-good drainage in the planter
-something to catch the drips to keep gardening neighborly and to protect the surrounding area
-a way to insulate the soil during summer heat to retain moisture
-access to enough light for the plant variety

First, let's tackle supplies. Here's what we'll be working with to make this happen:

-a 10" coconut-lined hanging planter basket ($1 liner; $1 basket on the Dollar Tree website this spring)
-10" deep dish plastic liners
-mulch chips (free from my city, maybe yours too?)
-finished compost (free from my city; maybe yours too?)
-potting soil
-vegetable starts, 3 per 10" planter
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