Introduction: Plant Waterer

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I made this... thing becuase I wanted my plant getting most of the water... Not all of the other plants getting it...


- Paper cup
- Drinking Straw
- Scotch Tape

Step 1: The Structure

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Take some scissors and poke a hole a little bit smaller than the straw. Then push the straw through. Make sure the straw isn't sticking out to far out of the bottom of the cup. It should be a tiny bit higher than the cup.

Step 2: Making It Sturdier

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Cut some strips of tape. Make them stick to the cup and straw. Cut about 6-8 strips.


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You can decorate it. Just get some markers and color!! :D. I am "so" artistic. Be jealous. -.-

Step 4: Tips


1. When you put it into your pot, don't shove it. Just handle it carefully.
2. When you pour in the water in to the filler, Do it slowly so it builds up, if you pour to much at a wrong time, it will get ugly.
3. Don't be rough.
4. Pls give me suggestions.


pingh2 (author)2016-02-22

I‘d use glue gun instead of tape if that's available, perfect water proof :)

GuppehsWorld (author)pingh22016-02-22

The tape works perfectly though.... But you are right, glue would be more trustworthy.

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