Picture of Plant Watering Drip Bottle
13, 11:25 PM.jpg
13, 11:25 PM.jpg
Using an empty beverage bottle with a twist top, a drip button and a punch tool, you can make cheap irrigation bottles for potted or hanging plants. Similar set ups cost about $10 retail, so aside from recycling, you're saving money too! I had drip buttons left over from a previous project, but new they are less than a dollar. The tool was about $2.
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Step 1: Enjoy A Beverage

Picture of Enjoy A Beverage
Finish off a tasty beverage with a twist top. Cut off the label.

Step 2: Punch A Hole In Top

Picture of Punch A Hole In Top
13, 11:25 PM.jpg
Using a fair amount of force, push the punch tool through the top. This is what the hole should look like.

Step 3: Insert Button

Picture of Insert Button
13, 11:25 PM.jpg
This takes a good amount if force, as the button is meant for much thinner plastic.

Step 4: Add Water And Invert!

This is a 17oz bottle with a 1/4 gph drip. You can fill it with water, make a small hole in the soil and let gravity to the rest. You can use large bottles, like a milk jug or a large juice bottle. These could also be suspended from above. A cheap way to bring water to your plants and reuse a container. The drip is much slower than I expected due to the vacuum effect. You could make a pin hole in the top for ventilation and a more consistent flow.
foobear2 years ago
What is a drip button?
This is cool, you should add it to the gardening contest!