Introduction: Plant Watering Warning

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a super simple circuit for plants

Step 1: Part List

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  • a PNP transistor (i use CBF493S)
  • a N-channel mosfet (i use 4800BDY)
  • a trimmer 100k
  • resistor 10k
  • resistor 1k
  • a led (i use a flash led)
  • small battery 3.6v
  • 2 stainless steel probes

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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you can use most of pnp transistor and N-channel mosfet..

you can adjust the sensitivity with the trimmer

Step 3: Print the Pcb

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print the pcb, or make yours for the parts you have

Step 4: Solder the Parts

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add a 3 pin connector for the battery

Step 5: Build It

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place the probes on a plastic with hot glue

place the pcb

  • you can add a test switch between the probes
  • add a nice box for the circuit
  • you can recharge the battery (i dont know when)

Step 6: End

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when the plan need water the led flashing (if you use flashing led)

--you must adjust the trimmer--


Absolutelyautomation (author)2017-06-26

Excellent!, no more dry plants!

yes...! but i must to see how it will go in the future!

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