Plant Tags From Plastic Bottles


Introduction: Plant Tags From Plastic Bottles

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Identify your plants and seedlings with shampoo bottles. These plastic tags are cut down from the sides of shampoo bottles, here's how to make them:
  1. Remove all of the labels
  2. Cut the top ,and bottom off the bottle and down the side so you have a flat piece of plastic.
  3. Cut the plastic into strips, the size should suit the plants  you want label.
  4. Cut a point on one end to help with pushing the labels into the soil
  5. You can cut a curve across the top if you want
  6. Write whatever you want in permanent marker.
  7. Insert into soil near plant



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    Good ideea.

    These are very useful. I made some one year and thanks for reminding me and giving me more ideas how to do it easier.