Planted Woodland Chair (easy)

Picture of Planted Woodland Chair (easy)
There is an area under my deck that doesn't get much sun so it was bare dirt for a long time; unfortunately it's the first thing you see when you come down the stairs into the yard.  At one point I added fern, but I wanted more so I made this planted chair as a focal point.  

You could complete the first stages of this project in a weekend, the last (optional) stage takes longer.  

This is my first Instructable, so I apologize in advance for any breeches in protocol....
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Step 1: Prepping the chair

Picture of Prepping the chair
The chair was a black wrought Iron kitchen chair that I got on Craig's List for $10.  I thought the black was too strong so I painted the entire chair, including the twine seat, with Rustolium's Hammered Grey spray paint.  I sprayed a clear coat of UV inhibitor over that.  The paint cost $11.50  

All of the other supplies were things I already had, including the plants.  Shown is the spray paint, moss in a bowl (more on that later), and the coconut seedling starters you'll see in the planting step. 

The painting step took the longest due to dry time between coats; I did it over the course of a weekend.   

Step 2: Planting

Picture of Planting
The next step was pretty easy, and I had all of the materials on hand.  I took coconut fiber seedling starters and arranged them on the seat of the chair.  Then I piled a mixture of compost and dirt on and around the seedling starters.  

Next I took some succulents and planted them in the seed starters in a semi circle.  

Then I took some baby tears (ground cover) that were growing nearby and placed them on the dirt around the succulents.  I watered the whole thing with worm tea.

This process took a little less than an hour.  You could stop here and you'll have the same look as my first image, or... you can see why the moss is in the bowl.   
CityGirl6 (author) 10 months ago
Thank you. Is Molon a type of fabric?
breumer10 months ago
Yeah! Do you have a old biscuit tin you can cut out of the bottom and than put in some chickenwire and a piece of molton! Then some dirt and succulents plants in it ! but I do not know how you could make the brim..
breumer10 months ago
Very sweet ! I`m looking at your photo and i am missing someting ( i a good way ;) ) You could make a hat and hang ik on the chair ( i am brain storming on how you can make the hat )
Bannockburn11 months ago
Very nice! What zone are you in for planting?
CityGirl6 (author)  Bannockburn11 months ago
Here in CA we use the Sunset Western Gardening system, I'm in zone 16. That means no freeze, mild wet winters, and warm-cool dry summers without humidity. I can grow sub-tropicals but not true tropicals, and I have at least something in bloom all year. We're one of the 5 Mediterranean climate areas of the world. I think that on the USDA scale were 10b, but we never use that scale here.

This plant selection is more about the woodland (full to partial shade, moist) conditions under my deck. The rest of the yard is more of the typical sunny Mediterranean climate that we experience in the eastern half of San Francisco (the western side is where we keep the fog).
CityGirl6 (author)  CityGirl611 months ago
Hey, i just realized that if you look at the pictures it illustrates the difference really well. The chair with fern surrounding it in the finished pics shows the woodland conditions.

The chair shown before planting in the grassy area shows the Mediterranean condition (lavender is just behind) and sub tropical (the Brugmansia behind the lavender in the far left corner).

This concludes San Francisco Microclimates 101. ; )
Earthlove11 months ago
This is really beautiful! I would just be concerned that the paint would leach into your plants or soil. I wouldn't have any edible plants near by.
CityGirl6 (author)  Earthlove11 months ago
Thanks!!! The clear UV coating should keep the paint stable. My edibles are in the sunnier parts of the yard but I would agree that I wouldn't use painted items too close to edibles.
ChrysN11 months ago
What a lovely focal point, nicely done.
CityGirl6 (author)  ChrysN11 months ago
Thanks so much!

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