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Introduction: Planter Box

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Post-Election I have been constantly depressed about the state of the country. Knowing that gardening is therapeutic and relaxing, I decided to start a garden. However, the ground around my tiny house is terrible for growing things, it is super thick clay.

Step 1: Tools/Materials


  • Crowbar
  • Hammer
  • Handsaw
  • Chop Saw


  • Pallet
  • Sticks
  • Nails

Step 2: Take the Pallet Apart

Using the hammer and the crowbar, separate the pallet into pieces of wood, and nails. Make sure to remove all the nails.

Step 3: Cut

  • Cut the square pieces of wood into halves, so you have four.
  • Cut some of the long boards in half to make the ends of the box. I only had a little left over after making the sides, so I used sticks to finish.

Step 4: Assemble Pallet Wood

  • Add the thick bars onto the ends of the long planks with the nails taken out of the pallet.
  • Nail the wood that you cut in the previous step to the bottom of the ends, as in the picture. If you have more wood, keep going, but I ran out of wood.

Step 5: Sticks

Nail sticks to the ends, and then cut them so they do not extend over the edge. Do this to both sides. Make sure the sticks are as close to each other, as to retain the dirt.

Step 6: Fill With Dirt

This took WAY longer than I thought it would. It took about 3 wheelbarrow loads to fill it up. I was getting dirt from the back of my house, which is a 3 minute walk. It was after a rain so the path was all muddy and the wheelbarrow kept getting stuck. In the end, I got it to work.

Step 7:



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    In order to not let the soil out in between the twigs/sticks, you could line the inside with anti root cloth/landscaping cloth.
    High is great, especially if you get a bit older

    Way to make domething of a rainy day ! Looks really high.. does it have to be that high ?

    1 reply

    No, it could be however high you would like. This is just 2 boards wide, I thought 1 board was to short (pun intended)

    how do you keep the wood from rotting too quickly?

    3 replies

    Good question, I thought about that, because the whole thing was basically free I decided I would just replace it when it rots.

    Fair enough, but then you need to replant everything. I have always wondered how people keep these wooden boxes from rotting away.

    You could use redwood, but it's just too expensive for me.