Planter Umbrella Stand





Introduction: Planter Umbrella Stand

We recently bought a huge umbrella from Ikea for our deck. But the pole is larger than normal (almost 2"), and normal umbrella stands are too small for the umbrella. Since I had a hard time finding one, I decided to build my own.

Step 1: Materials

This stand is made from:

1 oak 1/2 barrel ($40)

1 2" PVC pipe & fittings ($12)

2 80 lb bags of concrete ($10)

potting soil & plants ($20-25)

paving bricks (optional) ($3)

Step 2: Assembly - 1

The pipe assembly is composed of a toilet flange, a 3" to 2" reducer, and a 2" PVC pipe.

I used a straight edge a little smaller than the diameter of the bottom of the barrel to mark lines. This let me estimate the center of the barrel. I then screwed the flange down in the center, and glued the other pieces together.

Step 3: Assembly - 2

I wasn't sure how much concrete I would need. I bought four bags, but ended up using two.

I didn't have a large container to mix the concrete in except for the barrel itself, so I decided to mix the concrete in the barrel. If I were going to do this again, I would definitely mix the concrete elsewhere, and pour it in.

I used a mixer paddle on a drill. That got the concrete partly mixed, until my drill overheated. I ended up using my hands and a small garden spade to finish mixing the concrete.

Step 4: Assembly - 3

After waiting for 24 hours for the concrete to set, we put the garden in.

I missed one step here. I had planned on drilling some holes at the edge of the concrete to help the soil drain. Since I forgot, we'll see how it goes, and if necessary I'll add them later.

This is pretty typical: potting soil and plants. My wife had the great idea to put in a couple of bricks to give a place to set your drink when sitting next to it.

Step 5: Final Tweaks and Finished Product

After the plants went in, it was obvious the PVC pipe was longer than necessary. So I cut off about 6" off the top, and used a bit of sandpaper to remove the printing on the pipe.

I also used a 1 1/2" to 2" flexible coupler to help hold to umbrella in place.



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    10 Discussions

    Where do you buy the flexible coupler and how does it work? Does it tighten with a screwdriver? I've never made anything with PVC piping before so I'm totally new at this but I wanted to make my own base and have it be able to tighten to secure the umbrella just like the store-bought kind do. Thanks!

    2 replies

    Oh, almost missed part of the question.

    It's basically a double hose clamp, so it takes a socket on either end to tighten.

    I got the coupler at Home Depot, in the plumbing section. It's for joining two pieces of pipe together.

    Good luck with your project!

    How much does the barrel weigh now that it has cement/soil/etc in it? Are you able to move it? Has the wood of the barrel started deteriorating with the weather? Because I have barrels, but they're old and have started deteriorating. Thanks for the great pictures too!

    1 reply

    Good questions!

    I'm not sure how much the barrel weighs now, but it's heavy enough not to tip even with that huge umbrella. It is movable; I just push on one side at a time, and shift it from one place to another.

    So far the wood has held up, and we're still using/enjoying it. I think the char helps. I have no idea how long it'll last, but I figure that when it finally gives up the ghost, I'll get another barrel and (carefully!) transfer the concrete mass to the new barrel.

    Yup. All I have to do is to loosen the collar between the base and the stand.

    I'm glad you like it!

    And I'm happy to say that a year later, it still looks good and is holding up fine.

    very cool!