Step 3: Trim the nails

Picture of Trim the nails
Now, you can pull those nails off, or do it the easy way and run it over the table saw. The blade easily cuts through the nails, and you can trim off any uneveness of the wood while you are at it. Be sure to wear eye protection.
cart5623 years ago
I thought I'd been told to watch out for nails when using saws like a table saw...guess I was right after reading everyone else's comments
hickarus6 years ago
that's totally nuts! just get a dedicated metal cutting blade for your jigsaw and cut them that way. I've tried to pull those nails, too, and believe me they're not meant to come out. I guess that's why they ship those things all over the world with thousands of pounds on them. You have to cut them. And better than the jigsaw idea is a sawzall which can use great metal-cutting blades and lop them off in a jiffy. Just don't use the table saw...even with a carbide blade because those teeth will chip off just the same. that's just plain crazy: OUCH! definitely. nice looking box, however.
That is extremely dangerous, the nails could easily cause the carbide teeth on the saw to break off and go flying like shrapnel. Seriously I have had surgery to remove them from my hands and skull.
EmmettO6 years ago
If you have a sawsall, you can get a wood and nails blade that will work just fine. It's safer too.
fthrjack6 years ago
Please DONT do that! you will ruin your blade, and if you are really unlucky end up with a few teeth embedded in your face (metal ones not the ones you already have!) Great box though, im definately going to build some of these, just happens to be a pallet company accross the road from my allotment :)
diy_chad6 years ago
That's a really bad idea. You were having trouble with the slats splitting, right? You've, already taken care of that problem by cutting them. Now just use a pry bar and a hammer to get the little pieces off...... you aren't using them right? Once you get the nails out, THEN run the boards through the table saw. Great looking box.
You're absolutly correct!!! XD