Step 8: Add all slats

Picture of Add all slats
Just go right down the line and add the slats to the support wood. I personally used screws along with a squirt of wood glue. The wood glue helps because these cheap pallet boards love to crack, so if it does crack the glue will help old it in places.
pfiddle6 years ago
Hi guys - I'm SO impressed that you Americans are using screws. In the construction trade in Europe we used to make fun of Americans and called nails "American screws". Well done. Really. Pfiddle
fthrjack6 years ago
It might take much more time, but to reduce the chance of boards cracking on you, drill a pilot hole for each screw, just use a small drill bit than the diameter of your screw. Not only will it make tightening the screws up less likely to crack the wood, but it makes it easier and neater :)