I needed a planter for some lucky bamboo and I had an old white lacquered shelf and some old pine in my garage so went to TechShop and made this guy. 
Things you will need:
1. Board or boards to use to make planter
2. Water proof glue ( I used tightbound)
3. Tape (to serve as a clamp)
4. Measuring tape
5. Pencil
Tools I used:
1. Table saw
2. Miter Saw
3. Japanese Saw
4. Brad nailer with 2" nails
5. Band Sander

Step 1: Cut Board Down

So I made a basic drawing before I got started thinking that a 6"x6"x7" box would work. I later change those dimensions to 6"x10"x7" to make it more functional. Since my board was already pre-finished and assumably square I took it first to the table saw and set it at 7" cut depth. This cut is basically setting the hight of the planter. After ripping the board on table saw I needed to cut the sides of my planter. I wanted the side joints to be mitered to give a more finished look. So went to miter saw and knowing that I had a finished side and a somewhat unfinished side to my board I made sure to orientate all my cuts so that the finished side would be facing out. I first got started by setting the miter saw at a 45 degree angle then I cut a miter on one side of the board to act as my first corner. Once that was cut I set up a jig that would stop my board at 6' so that all sides would be consistant. I then moved the blade so that it was now at the opposite  45 degree mark and set the mitered edge against my 6" stop. (note you will have to flip flop your miter every cut so that all miters are sloping away from the middle of the board's unfinished side.) I then repeated that process with the next 6" cut. At this time I took both pieces and held them side by side and realized my planter wouldn't be big enough and changed dimensions to 6"x10"x7". So I measured out difference using a tape measure and reset my jig for the last two cuts. Once all side were cut out I did a dry fit then I did a glue up using scotch tape as my clamps. 

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