Step 2: Prepare Your Planter

I used my container gardening method https://www.instructables.com/id/Successful-Container-Gardening/ to get started, but this is a matter of choice and is not necessary with Hens and Chicks.

Start with a little garden bark in the bottom of the planter and a toilet paper core.

Add some Garden Charcoal.

Place dirt around the tube filling your pot to around one inch from the top.

Fill the tube with more garden bark and then add some gravel on top to aid in keeping the plant off of the soil to help avoid rotting.

<p>Can Hens &amp; Chickens survive the Northern Nevada, aka Fernley, climate?</p><p>Cold/snow in winter, hot, 90-100 summer.</p>
<p>I would think so. They survive winters in Minnesota and summers of 80s and 90s.</p>
<p>I have loads of hens and chicks that have been multiplying for close to 20 years. This year large areas of them have turned yellow. Does anyone know why that would be and what I can do about it? Thanks for any help.</p>
I have just planted some of these. One of the rosettes flowered. How do you get them to do this. I have about 30 individual plants but only one small one flowered. Any help is welcome. bobm720@gmail.com
They flower at the end of their life cycle.
<p>Please what is the purpose of the toilet paper tube?</p>
To keep the hen's leaves from sitting on the soil, otherwise they could begin to rot.
These are unusual will they grow in a desert climate?
They will thrive in anything that isn't heavily waterlogged
Help! I found these great looking plans Red Heart Hens and Chicks. I don't want to do it wrong. My wife and I live in Western PA. Can we find Cactus Palm and Citrus Soil here. <br> <br>I found the planters, pictured here, here at home, Are these inside or outside plants or both? <br> <br>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. <br> <br>Thanks in advance. <br> <br>Respectfully, <br> <br>stayathomedad <br>
They are out door plants too and love direct sunlight
<p>Good info on hen and chicks. I have many of these and am just now making a succulent display in a large bowl with 2 smaller containers set inside,I need to purchase more plants to fill this and am wanting the other colored chicks,OR is there a way to make the green ones turn colors?????????? Will send photo when my Bowl is finished.thanks for info.</p><p>Rufustwo</p>
<p>My hen and chicks are growing tall and look more like roosters. I've tried just pinching off the tops, but that still looks bad. Any ideas what I should do to keep them short and full?</p>
how long does it normally take for a chick just plucked from its mom to take adult form. i picked a chick up at a garden center and the employee told me to just put it in soil. ive never grown these nor have i ever seen them. i am unframilure with them. <br>please help. meanerthanilook@yahoo.com
Ohh, so if all the leaves are falling off then I'm probably overwatering it?? Is it salvagable?<br />
More than likely. try transplanting it into a new pot and soil. I have a lot of these in several varieties. I have even had them fall off the deck and sit on the ground for months before I could pick them up. I have just picked them up and sat them on the soil and they take off. These are so much fun to have.
I love the term "hens and chicks". So cute! I always wanted to grow these succulents, but I don't have a window that receives enough light to sustain them.
I have five varieties of these. I love plants that thrive on neglect LOL!
I had those in California.
I have been afraid to try something, but have wanted to try gardening on a beginners level. This looks like something I could try with my kids.
my family has a whole pot of them I think that they are really cool and love them!
I love hens and chicks;)
My mother loved these plants and had slews of them
Again, a very job.
Thank you Aunty
These look unusual but very cool
Thank you
Now this is different, will they grow in any geographical area?
Hens and chicks will pretty much grown anywhere they can find a little bit of soil and take root Av
I remember at home (some 30 + years ago) my Dad had them growing out of chinks in a retaining wall (our driveway was about 9 feet below the backyard level at the point it entered the garage in the back), and if one <em>fell out</em> we'd just find a bit of dirt seeping through the wall, poke a little hole in it, and shove it in, and they normally grew. <br/><br/>Your way pretty much guarantees them to grow though ;-) <br/>
You know Goodhart I don't think there is anything easier to grow than Hens and Chicks and they will grow almost anywhere they can find a bit of soil to root in. Thanks for commenting!
I agree, they are like dandelions, only not so destructive :-) (I have seen dandelions break up concrete sidewalks already)
Another great idea from Deb
Thanks Beth
Great instructable Deb!
Thanks so much Trees!
This is really cool, I thnk I could do this.
Its very easy to do and maintain/ Thanks for commenting
I have some of these but never knew what they were, thanks!
You are welcome Grace, thanks for commenting.

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