Step 5: Caring For Your Hens And Chicks

Picture of Caring For Your Hens And Chicks
Remove chicks as the pot becomes overcrowded and remove any dead leaves

If your plant begins to look unhealthy the most common problem is due to too much watering. If the soil is soggy prepare a new planter with all fresh soil and transplant your Hens and Chicks.

Don't be concerned with fertilizing as you will probably burn the roots with it, when you are ready to transplant the chicks refresh the soil with a 50/50 blend of the original soil and the citrus and cactus potting soil.

Almost all hens and chicks will form a flower when they reach full maturity. After flowering it will then die.

The Hen will stop making chicks and a spike grow in middle of the rosette as she prepares for the end of her cycle of life.
diamar795 years ago
Ohh, so if all the leaves are falling off then I'm probably overwatering it?? Is it salvagable?
bethmez6 years ago
Another great idea from Deb