Introduction: Plants VS Zombie Lanza Peas With Hama Beads DIY

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As few days ago knew nothing of beads hama, this time I decided to make a spear pea plants vs zombie accompanied by a pie rainbow and a lover emojin, so there are 3 easy and quick to make little figures, these ideas are special to performed with the smallest of the house.

I love to draw these figures as I was distracted enough and to complete them are well nice and can be placed anywhere and look great or andarlos as a keychain also last long as the plastic is tough enough, without further ado I leave with step by step.

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Step 2: Materials:

Picture of Materials:

  1. Perler beads in 3 shades of green for shadows
  2. Perler beads Color Black
  3. Perler beads bone colorTweezers
  4. An iron
  5. A square plate
  6. Baking paper or vellum


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