Plants Vs Zombies Triple Pea Shooter





Introduction: Plants Vs Zombies Triple Pea Shooter

Triple Pea Shooter!

Step 1: Basic Parts

2x Full Foam pumpkin

1x Open Foam Pumpkin

2x Extending punch toy

2x 3" Foam ball

3x Plastic vase

Step 2: Cut Vases to Fit Tops of Pumpkins

Step 3: Cut Hand and Tube Holes in Pumpkins

Step 4: Disassemble Punch Toy to Replace With Foam Ball

Step 5: Cut Slot for Toy in 2 Full Pumpkins

Step 6: Glue in Punch Toys

Step 7: Foam in Punch Toys

Step 8: Ready Foam Balls to Paint

Step 9: Paint Balls With Fabric Paint

Step 10: Glue Vase Tops (JB Weld) and Balls (foam Glue)

Step 11: Smooth Out Transition With Paper and Masking Tape

Step 12: Foam Glued in Head Piece and Paper Mache Pumpkins to Smooth Out Ridges

Step 13: Cut 3" Oval Clear Plastic Christmas Balls for Eyes

Step 14: Mask and Paint Eyes

Step 15: Use Paper Mache Clay to Smooth in Eyes to Heads

Step 16: Sleeve 2" Drain Hose With Material

Step 17: Black Out Suit

Step 18: Paint Green, Add Leaves, Zip Tie to Boots

Step 19: Be a Life Size VR Game!

Step 20: Go Fight Gargantuar Zombie!



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Very cool! I love how you cobbled together all the random bits to make the shooters. They turned out looking great.

Did you make the zombie costume too? That looks amazing!

Yup, made them both. My son picks the most random things to be for Halloween, but I like a creative challenge! ;)