These plants in bottles are essentially DIY terraria in bottles. They look quite good and are very simple to make with whatever bottles you might have lying around. I made these one afternoon with my cousin and he really enjoyed it!

Obviously, this is not the first terrarium-themed instructable. Inspiration came from noahw's DIY Terrarium instructable, along with ThinkLem's Lightbulb Terrarium and alisha145's Tiny Terrariums. However, I think the wine bottle idea might be a first!

Step 1: Bottles

Go out and get some bottles. I found some nice looking ones in our recycling box at home. Mix and match if you want to; or you could go with all the same bottles. Jam (jello if you live over the pond) jars also work as does pretty much any other glass receptacle.

Your bottles will probably needs the labels removing. Labels are either stuck on with water-based or solvent-based glue. Unfortunately one needs a lot more work to remove than the other.

Start by soaking the bottles in hot water (but not boiling hot as this could crack the bottles) for a few minutes. Labels glued on with water-based glue will either soak off in this time or some gentle pushing with a paint scraper will do the trick. For labels stuck on with solvent-based glue, scrape away as much of the paper as possible (ideally all of it) and give the bottle a rinse. To remove the gummy residue from the solvent-based glue, I used acetone (it's also in nail varnish remover but less concentrated). Practically anything that will dissolve plastic works, although you could just buy some de-gluing stuff from your local hardware store.
<p>thats preety cool</p>
Beautiful and fun! This will be a science project for school next year.
<p>Hooray! Hope you (and the school kids) have fun!</p>
What kind of herbs or seeds can you plant in the bottle? I am preparing to plant in a recycled bottle .
I don't really have any specific advice -- pretty much anything I would guess, as long as it doesn't grow too large and will be okay with quite a moist climate. Of course, if something doesn't work out, you can always empty the bottle and start again. The bottles will be pretty much ornamental for a while as the plants grow to the neck, so if you want to harvest herbs you'll have to wait a while. Post some pictures of yours when they've grown if you like!
I'm interested to see how the sapling pans out, I've only seen this done before with smaller plants. <br> <br>How do you get the herbs out once they've grown? :P
At the moment this is quite experimental. The choice of plants/herbs/trees was really just what I could find in the garden and which seed packets were open. I don't actually know what's going to happen with the herbs... They will presumably grow out of the top of the bottle at some point. <br>The sapling didn't go quite so well. It just didn't seem to like the environment. It has been replaced with leeks (another experiment) now.
<p>I know it is long time since anyone have been writing any comments, but I just wanted to tell you, that if you wan't to have a tree sapling in a bottle, you will have to place i outside in the environment it normally have. I will be the same Principe as a bonsai tree. A little question: do you have any hole/drain in the bottles? If not I think it would be a good idea. (sorry for my missing English competencies) </p>
<p>A bottle probably isn't the best place for a tree sapling, but this project evolved from the desire to do something with a small sapling that would otherwise have been removed as a weed.</p><p>As I replied to <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/PKM/" rel="nofollow">PKM</a>, the sapling didn't go quite so well and was replaced after a few days in the summer sun. The other terraria projects which I cited in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Plants-in-Bottles/#intro" rel="nofollow">intro</a> have advice on suitable plants to choose.</p><p>The bottles themselves have a layer of gravel and some sand in the bottom to create a 'reservoir' of water. Hot weather will make the water rise up and moisturise the soil; while in colder weather water will condense on the inside of the bottle and run back down into the reservoir. I haven't had any draining issues so far.</p>
excellent enviromental friendly idea. I will do it...
Just made some De-gluing stuff today for removing glue goo..Not toxic and is just coconut oil and baking soda...equal parts...worked great for my first time :)
Wow! I've never heard of that before. Will have to give it a try sometime!
You actually don't even have to water them. You would just have to find a way to reseal the bottle!
That's right! Over the past week or two, I haven't had to water the plants because the bottle environment is quite sealed. Eventually it will need a water top up but that hopefully won't be for a while yet.
Very cool, a mini greenhouse!
Love this idea

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