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Have you ever wanted to have a real-life version of the zombie from the video game?  Well, now you can!
This zombie reacts to the other objects- the Brain, the Wall-Nut and the Pea Shooter.  

The BRAAIIINNNSS  of the zombie is the Arduino. It runs off of a 9 volt battery. 

This is a project that was created in CSCI 7000: Things That Think at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Step 1: Creating the Zombie

The zombie is made from 'moss green' polyester felt, and is sewn using a simple pattern for a rag doll found online (www.sewing.circleofcrafters.com) This blog gave us good instructions on how to sew the doll together..  We downloaded the pattern in JPG format and using Adobe Illustrator (Corel Draw and Inkscape would also work), we live traced the shapes to create vector files.  We then sized the pattern to the zombie, and cut out the shapes using a laser cutter.  

Then, fold the arm and leg shapes in half and sew up the rest. turn them inside out and stuff them with polyfil or other stuffing. Next, take one of the body shapes and sew a zipper into it and cut the felt above the zipper to allow it to move. With the zipper slightly open, place the body cut out with the outside of the zipper facing up, and pin the arms and legs to the felt so that they point in the direction opposite to that of which you want them to go (legs pointing up and the arms pointing in) and place the other piece of body felt on top and pin it in place. Now you can sew around the edge, making sure that you sew into the arms and legs.  When you have gone around the whole body, you then open the zipper,  and turn it right side out.

The shirt is a simple piece of white cloth with holes cut out for arms, and hot glued in the back. The collar is made by cutting a small slit and folding the top over.

The tie is just a piece of red felt that is hot glued in place.

The jacket is made by folding the fabric so that the fold is up (away from you). The fold will be where the shoulders go. Then sew up the sides to make a 'T' shape. Turn right side out and rip (or cut) the right sleeve off so that it looks jagged and torn.

The pants are made by sewing two pieces of denim up the sides and up the crotch and turned inside out. The left pant leg is ripped so that the knee is showing.

Cut the mouth, nose and teeth from felt and glue them on to the face. 
<p>I made mine out of foam sheets because I didn't have cloth but it's still cool when I get a chance but I have to finish it first. </p>
<p>Do you offer copies of your pattern for the peashooter? I'd totally love to make one for my son! He loves that game.</p>
Even though I have yet to play this game, your documentation and interactive arduino plush is amazingly creative. Love it!
nice ... :P <br> <br>but that game bugs me ... i love it !
I was laughing out loud when the zombie and walnut were dancing together :D <br>this is awesome, thumbs up!
Awesome! My kids are now bugging me to try this!
too cool.
Thank you! Keep posted: we are about to upload a video of it in action!
Ok, first, I adore this game! It's an illness I have really, but I really do just love it. Second (and more important) wonderful instructable! Third (and more important really than one and two) superb craftsmanship! All around wonderful job! Good luck in the contest!

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