We will work with the same method of making plarn except you'll stop before you connect  the loops.

You'll need:

plastic bags
sharp scissors
rubber band, floral wire, pipecleaner, elastic, string...
fabric felt,  bead wire etc

See Plarn by Della Badart

Step 1: Folding

Group between twenty and forty loops together; fold one side to the center.

Step 2: Folding

Fold opposite end across to other side to fold into thirds.

Step 3: Shape Flower

You will cut the ends off the loops and fluff out.  Next  shape to a puff ball.

Step 4: Embellishments

Flatten the bottom of puff ball and embellish with  wire and leaves.  I have examples of choices to make leaves and stems.

Step 5:

Attach flower to barret, ribbon, or rubber band. Wear it or...

Step 6:

Get a vase!  Della Badart

In the first step, where you say "Group between twenty and forty loops together; fold one side to the center", what do you mean? Do you use the whole bag or only the loops? I have never done plarn before but want to make these as decorations for my party.
Try looking at <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-Plarn-2/ <br>Stop before you hook the loops toether and use about 20 loops to make a flower! Hope that helps
Shouldn't you call them &quot;Plarnations&quot;? ^_^
That's agood idea. Thank you! <br> <br>Della

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