Plarn Carnations





Introduction: Plarn Carnations

We will work with the same method of making plarn except you'll stop before you connect  the loops.

You'll need:

plastic bags
sharp scissors
rubber band, floral wire, pipecleaner, elastic, string...
fabric felt,  bead wire etc

See Plarn by Della Badart

Step 1: Folding

Group between twenty and forty loops together; fold one side to the center.

Step 2: Folding

Fold opposite end across to other side to fold into thirds.

Step 3: Shape Flower

You will cut the ends off the loops and fluff out.  Next  shape to a puff ball.

Step 4: Embellishments

Flatten the bottom of puff ball and embellish with  wire and leaves.  I have examples of choices to make leaves and stems.

Step 5:

Attach flower to barret, ribbon, or rubber band. Wear it or...

Step 6:

Get a vase!  Della Badart



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    In the first step, where you say "Group between twenty and forty loops together; fold one side to the center", what do you mean? Do you use the whole bag or only the loops? I have never done plarn before but want to make these as decorations for my party.

    Try looking at
    Stop before you hook the loops toether and use about 20 loops to make a flower! Hope that helps

    Shouldn't you call them "Plarnations"? ^_^

    That's agood idea. Thank you!