Plasma Battery the Tecnology of the Future





Introduction: Plasma Battery the Tecnology of the Future

Hello everybody.

“There are no lines on the ground of this planet or anywhere in the universe to separate races and creations from each other, that with this unity for all men leaves him not only as one body but as one nation and as one creation and one creator to live his life in the universe in peace.” - MT Keshe

I have gathered information from everywhere how to make the Plasma battery

It is NOT MY INVENTION I just want to share it with as much as posible people so we can change the world together =D and live in a Golden Age!

I leave the links and photos so you can download see and resurch for yourselves!

Love and Peace

Step 1:



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    2 years ago

    Can you tell me how much Ampere/hour this battery produces? What is the voltage? Is keshe your spiritual teacher? Last question; does it work?

    2 replies

    Towards the end of the guide it says. Should I assume this is per hour?

    "The capacity can vary depending on how your Magrav is constructed. But it should at least be able to drive 2kw (2000W).

    It 'should be able' to drive 2Kw. I hope to receive soon hard data about this plasma battery. There are enough people building it. As I read the overunity forums, many critical notes are made about the inventor and his idea's. He has never demonstrate a working version nor did he a test in an empirical way. Many words no facts. I am curiuos how you get thing working.

    Excellent, now make a small one, attach it to your chest, and pretend you're Iron Man.